Guatemalan Dating Culture

Wonderful country Guatemala that is located in Central America and considers to be the heart of Mayan civilization. “Land of forests” that is what Guatemala means. This name comes from the dialect of the indigenous people. In this wonderful part of the world, you will definitely find a very exciting culture. This country is very traditional and the same goes for dating. Dating in Guatemalan culture is not an easy task. It is influenced by many factors, one of them is religion. Two main confessions there are Catholics and Evangelists and country is almost separated when it comes to religion.

It influences their behavior and attitude to other people. In addition, there is some kind of class separation. Depending on wealth, they wear different clothes, but still, women prefer to dress something that will highlight their beauty. Another major factor is ethnicity. Depending on it, residents can be more or less open. However, all of them are very hospitable. Even poor families will treat their guests in the best way they can. If to talk about dating Guatemalan women, you should understand that it is different from European countries and the USA. This country is very traditional in customs and the same goes for dating.

Guatemalan Dating Customs

Dating is not an easy task and it is more complicated in Guatemala. You should not expect to have a kiss or something more at the ends of the first day after meeting a girl. It can take much more time for that. However, it is not a problem to get a phone number at the beginning. You can easily approach them in the daytime at some bar, café or even mall. They are open and friendly and do not mind to talk with new people. There some Guatemalan dating rules or recommendations which you should know before going there.

Gentlemen Manners

Every woman in this amazing country expects men to be gentlemen. The desire for such behavior is a result of old-fashioned movies that are popular there. If you want to date a girl properly, you should bring flowers and show signs of attention. Give a hand when getting off the bus, hold the door or to help in café or restaurant to take a seat. All of that is very charming and helps to show whether you are a caring person or not.

Do Not Rush

You should forget about dating a girl for one night. Guatemalan women are conservative and shy. Even if they want to spend a night with some man, girls need to know more about that person. It helps to build up some trust. It is true that they are interested in foreigners but not so much.

Try Dancing

Dancing plays an important role in Guatemalan culture. There are many traditional dances that are amazing to look at. However, it also a way to meet new people. Almost all Guatemalan women can dance or attend dancing classes. They love dancing. That is one of the ways of how you can approach them. Do not worry if you are not a good dancer. By being honest and telling that you would like to dance but not sure in your skills will only encourage a Guatemalan girl to teach you. That can be a great solution if you do not know how to start a conversation. It is not difficult to find a nightclub or place where dances and music are.

Do Not Talk About Politics Or Religion

Communication is the most important factor in any relationship. Still, some topics that are better not to mention while approaching Guatemalan women. As most of the residents are Catholics or Evangelist it is better not to talk about religion, especially when you have a desire to convince another person in the rightness of your belief. Another topic that you should avoid is politics. Due to the intervention of the USA, the first democratically elected government has been changed to military dictatorship and that has led to hundreds of thousands of victims. Guatemala remembers this and some indignation of that time still present, that is why they try to avoid politics talks. There are much more pleasant topics to discuss. Every girl definitely would like to know more about the culture and traditions in your country.

Online Dating Sites

Guatemalan women also try to find love abroad and online dating is a solution for them. They expect to find someone reliable with strong family values. Most of the Guatemalan men consider that everything that is connected with a house like cooking cleaning, childcare, etc. are women’s duties and they do no help. However, every woman wants to find an equal person that is ready to support her. That is why they are interested in foreigners with another worldview. Here are some websites where you can find these girls.

It is one of the most popular online dating places among Guatemalan women. It has a long history of matching singles. The registration process is very simple and quick. Sign up is free of charge and with an initial questionnaire, you can quickly fill in your profile with all necessary information. With the help of a matching algorithm, recommends your girls towards your preferences. You can also check them by yourself. Their profiles filled with nice photos, videos, personal description and expectations. Therefore, this dating service is definitely worth visiting.

Another perfect online dating service for meeting Guatemalan women. It is focused on international relations and has collected a great number of users from different of the world. In order to help lonely people to meet their love, has prepared wonderful tools for communication. You can not only send text or voice messages but also do voice and video calls. Moreover, there is an additional service of message translation. In case members do not have a common language for communication, messages can be translated. It is not just an automatic translation. Linguists perform it manually, therefore you can be sure that all feelings and sense of the message will be preserved. Do not miss this opportunity.

With great experience in the online industry, has become a premium international dating platform. It helps to connect people from different countries. With a strong SSL encryption code, all personal data that is provided to the website is protected. In addition, the management team monitors the communication of its members. It helps to detect fake profiles and avoid scams. With a member validation system, you can be sure of not meeting fake people. Still, it is impossible to provide 100% free of bad people service, that is why in case of any suspicious behavior you should report to 24/7 customer support team. They are always ready to help you. You will not regret trying this wonderful dating app.


Dating Guatemalan women can be a little bit tough task, however, if you want to build strong long-lasting relationships, they are one of the best for this role. Moreover, there are some dating services that can help greatly. They will help you to obtain one more reason to visit this wonderful county.

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